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SmartHub is United Electric's free online bill payment system that also allows you to monitor your daily energy usage. If you previously used E-Bill, you can access SmartHub using the same E-Bill login and password. If you are new to paying your bill online, you will need to create a SmartHub account.

 SmartHub Features:

  • Provides 24-hour access to account or accounts.
  • Sends an e-mail notification when a new electric bill is generated. The e-mail includes a link for easy navigation to your billing information. You can use SmartHub to review account information and pay your electric bill, or you may choose to pay in a different manner.
  • Allows you to pay electronically using a Visa, MasterCard or an electronic check transaction.
  • Displays posting of payments in real time.
  • Provides current and historical billing information and payment history.
  • Outlines energy usage in graphs.
  • Includes a free app for your smartphone or tablet. Download it by searching for “SmartHub” on either the Apple Store or Android Market. Click here for instructions.
  • Lets those with multiple accounts pay with a single payment.


Frequently Asked Questions on SmartHub

Q. What if I don’t have an e-mail address?

A. The SmartHub payment system requires an e-mail address for proper identification and processing. If you don’t have an e-mail address, consider choosing a free e-mail service.

Q. Which web browser can I use?

A. Any web browser of your choosing will work. Examples include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

Q. Is there a charge for using SmartHub?

A. No. The SmartHub service is free.

Q. My e-mail address has changed since I first registered for SmartHub? What do I do?

A. Log into SmartHub with your old address and click, “My Profile” tab at the top. Provide the necessary information to make your change.

Q. I’ve lost my password. How do I retrieve it?

A. From the SmartHub login page, click “Can’t access your account?” Enter your account number, name and e-mail address, and your password will be sent to your e-mail address. You also may contact a member service representative at (208) 679-2222.

Q. What brand of credit cards do you accept?

A.United Electric Co-op Inc. accepts Visa and MasterCard, credit and debit cards or electronic checks for SmartHub payments.

Q. When can I pay my electric bill using SmartHub?

A. The SmartHub payment site is available 24 hours a day. You also may make multiple payments during the month to your account.

Q. When will my payment get posted to my account?

A. Most payments are posted within an hour of being paid. Occasionally, posting may be delayed due to maintenance, but all payments made during business hours will be posted by close of business, and all payments made after hours will be posted by close of business the following business day.

Q. May I set up my account for recurring payments on SmartHub?

A. Yes. Under the Billing and Payments tab, click on the Recurring Payments link and then choose the New Recurring Payments button for the account you would like set up. Complete all of the required fields to enroll in recurring Check or Credit Card draft.

Q. Is my online electric bill, account information and payment information confidential?

A. Yes. The SmartHub website is a secured website.

Q. If I enroll in SmartHub, will I still receive a paper copy of my bill?

A. Yes. You can elect to receive an electronic billing if you so choose.

Q. If I enroll in SmartHub, do I have to pay by SmartHub every month?

A. No. You still can pay your bill through other available options. Payments may be brought to our office or mailed using the envelope included with your bill. You also can pay your bill by telephone with a Visa, or MasterCard debit or credit card or electronic check.

Q. Can I register more than one ID to view and/or pay on my account?

A. No. The SmartHub payment site only allows one user ID and e-mail address per membership.

Q. If I received a “Disconnect Notice,” can I pay my bill with SmartHub on my last day to pay?

A. Yes. If the payment is received on or before 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Any payments made after this time may cause your service to be disconnected and your account to be charged applicable fees.

Q. When does my bill appear online each month?

A.Generally statements are available on the 1st of the month.Once you register for SmartHub,you will receive an e-mail each month when your current bill is available to view and pay.

Q. Who do I contact for technical difficulties when using SmartHub?

A. During business hours, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Friday, contact any member service representative at (208) 679-2222. You also may e-mail your question to We currently do not offer after-hours support.


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