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Net Metering


March 2018


  • United Electric provides net metering interconnections to members of the cooperative per the requirements of the Net Metering Policy.

  • United Electric will charge or purchase the difference between the energy supplied and the energy generated for each monthly billing period.

  • Energy purchased will be financially credited to the member at the Avoided Energy Cost on a monthly basis for each monthly billing period.

  • Members may connect up to 25 kilowatts (kW) of generation under the Net Metering Policy.The generation must be solar, wind, hydropower or other renewable resource.

  • Members will have two service points (one for usage and one for generation).Each service point will be metered and each service point will be billed a monthly customer charge.

  • Members are required to sign a Net Metering Agreement before receiving Net Metering service.

  • Members are required to pay an advance deposit equal to the estimated interconnection cost.

  • A Net Metering Facility shall include, at the expense of the Member, all equipment necessary to meet applicable safety, power quality, and interconnection requirements established by the National Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) – including but not limited to IEEE 1547 and IEEE 1547.1, and Underwriters Laboratories.

  • The Net Metering Facility shall be designed and operated to automatically disconnect or shut down during the Cooperative’s scheduled or unscheduled outages to ensure the facility will not back-feed any part of the Cooperative’s distribution system.The Net Metering Facility shall post signage adjacent to the meter base and disconnect in accordance with the National Electric Code 110.22, 230.2 (e) and 750.10.

  • United Electric does not participate in any of the costs that are associated with the Net Metering Facility.The member is responsible for all initial and future costs required by the utility for safety and reliability.


Contact United Electric Co-op at (208) 679-2222 for further information or to request the Net Metering Policy.


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