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Level Pay

United Electric offers a Level Pay program designed to make budgeting easier. This program is particularly helpful if your winter bills are substantially higher than your summer bills, if you are on fixed income, or if you simply like to know what amount to budget for electricity every month.

The Level Pay season runs from April to April. You must sign up in April, making the first level payment of the season in May.

Each member’s level pay amount is based on personal usage. Only residential meters are eligible and the member must have resided at that residence for the past twelve months. Individual level pay amounts are based on the previous year’s usage.

Each meter is still read and billed for only the power used. After the first few payments, the account should show a credit balance through the rest of the season. If at any point the credit is used up and the balance is more than the level payment amount, the member needs to pay the balance due, not the level pay amount. At the end of the season (April), members are expected to pay the balance due if there is one. If there is a credit on the account the member has the option to request a refund of the credit or use it to lower the next season’s level pay by 1/12th of that credit every month.

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